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A Closer Look

Greater Focus

The right kind of meditation helps you think and reason more clearly.

Greater Health

Heart, muscle, blood pressure, weight — all respond to focused meditation.

Inner Peace

Meditation can build a positive attitude, emotional stability, and spiritual calm.

Freedom From Tension

Let guided meditation help break the pain and the habit of stress.

Enhanced Productivity

Perform better, produce more, achieve what you were meant to achieve.

Feel the Joy of Life

Life is too precious to live without awareness.

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What is Refuah Tikun Chai?


(Reh-FOO-uh) noun.  Healing.


(Tee-KOON) n.  Improvement; amelioration; correction; repair.


(KHAI) adj.  Alive; living; fresh; new; creation; life.

What is the significance of the words Refuah, Tikun, Chai?

Refah, a variation of the word Refuah (heal or healing), is first seen in the Hebrew Bible, Numbers 12:13, when Moses asks G-d to heal his sister Miriam who had become suddenly ill. “Eil na refah na lah,” spoke Moses. “Please G-d, heal her!”

The word Tikun is from the Hebrew word “letaken”, which means to fix or repair. In the context of RTC it has two basic uses. Firstly, we use the word “Tikun” to develop a mental image of our bodies repairing themselves from injury and the wear and tear of daily life. Secondly, it is used in the imagery of repairing psychological imbalances.

The Hebrew word “Chai” means live, or life. In the context of RTC, our goal is to live happy, fulfilled, productive lives. Refuah and Tikun combined equal Chai, RTC4LIFE. When we have achieved a balanced harmony in our lives, we are best equipped to give life and love to others.


“A Blessing From The Heart”

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If It’s Not Fun, You’re Missing The Point.

Throughout history, seasoned meditators have reported that all meditation ultimately opens onto an ultimate bliss.  Meditation is a spiritual discipline, but discipline is only means:  it is not the goal.  The goal is worldwide affirmation, lifelong joy.

Recall Past Successes

One method of mental training is to recall those moments when you were at your best, and go over them in detail, allowing your mind to pick up the pattern and recall it at will. 

Envision Future Achievements

If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know if you’ve arrived.  Studies show that repeatedly picturing a positive future helps bring it closer into being.  

Bliss Beyond Being

Specific focus can help  bring specific benefits, But mystics of all traditions agree that meditators can enter on a bliss that is vast, timeless, and formless, bounded only by its own ecstatic joy.  

Refuah Tikun Chai - The Book

Coming soon!  Doctor Mark Groskin’s detailed guide to the practices, exercises, benefits and philosophy of Refuah Tikun Chai, a synthesis of the most beneficial elements of the world’s greatest physical and mental disciplines into one clear system accessible to everyone.

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