What “Chai” Represents in Refuah Tikun Chai (Heal Repair Live)


The late Viennese psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Frankl has been a major influence on my philosophy of life, and thus, on RTC. The following is a synopsis of some of his basic thoughts and how they have been incorporated into RTC.
Dr. Frankl taught that man’s basic quest is to find meaning in life, and a person’s inability to identify what is meaningful can lead to many problems. In our modern world, often times a person may not recognize anything meaningful in his life, a term Dr. Frankl refers to as “existential vacuum.” The will to meaning, writes Dr. Frankl, is the basic striving of man to find and fulfill meaning and purpose in life. Between a stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space we have the ability to choose how we respond to the stimulus. Man always has this choice. Man can choose to find unique meaning in every aspect of his life, meaning which is uniquely significant to him at a specific moment in time. Meaning can even be found in unavoidable suffering, by facing it and acting nobly and with courage. Meaning can be found through interactions with other individuals, the highest level being loving another person. Meaning can be found through anything one finds passion in (work, helping others, nature, culture, hobbies, spiritual pursuits etc.). Only the individual himself can judge if something is meaningful; it is totally subjective and personal. It is difficult for man to achieve growth in a state of homeostasis. The ideal environment to achieve growth is a cycle of stress and relief. The highest level of growth is achieved through self-transcendence, reaching outside yourself, going beyond yourself. That is what love is. Going beyond yourself. Self-actualization is self-limiting by definition. Only by transcending yourself do you open yourself up to unlimited growth.

With RTC meditation techniques we train the mind to evolve to self-transcendence. We focus inward in order to explode outward to the limitless potential of self-transcendence. A mind which is trained in meditative techniques can think clearly, and is able to recognize meaning. Life is unconditionally meaningful. A meditative mind can thrive in the cycle of stress and release, and thus evolve and grow to limitless heights. Heal, Repair, & Live, find meaning in your life, and use the tools of RTC to achieve self-transcendence.

To life!
Dr. Mark

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  1. Wow Cool you hit the nail right on the head!


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