Who We Are

Mark Groskin is a dentist practicing in upstate NY. For over forty years he has studied meditation and martial arts. From the time he was a young child he always was an introspective person.

Through Mark’s years of introspective meditation, he began to develop an understanding of the body’s energy, and states of consciousness, applying them to his profession as a dentist, for the benefit of his patient’s treatment…

Mark started long distance meditative running with his father Jack when he was 12 years old. They would regularly get up at 5am for an hour long run through the country roads near Syracuse, New York (at 16 Mark ran a 26 mile marathon, and he continues to run today). By the time Mark was 14 he also pursued other types of meditation, as well as beginning his study of Eastern martial arts.

At age 18 while at Yeshiva University Mark had the privilege to begin studying with Grand Master Harvey I. Sober, founder of Tora Dojo. Four years later he was fortunate to study with Robert W. Smith and his wife in their Bethesda, MD studio for several years while attending dental school.


Throughout this time Mark was delving deeper and deeper into the mysteries of our existence. He has always looked for ways to push the envelope, to open locked doors, untie the knots, mentally and physically, probing for a deeper understanding of life. He believes that pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits can often times open doors and find new pathways to spiritual enlightenment.

In his mid 30’s Mark took up the sport of powerlifting to help with this goal. He would lift very heavy weights, pushing his body to the limit. One’s mind starts playing games with you at this point, giving very convincing arguments to stop this “foolishness”, but with deep focus and concentration, one can break through the barriers which were thought to be impossible. At his peak, Mark squatted 660 lbs 3 times at a bodyweight of 170 lbs. Mark gained important insights into his unconscious mind with 660 lbs on his back!

This elevated the quality of care Mark provides to his patients, and helps him perform at the highest level, with the least amount of stress. Additionally, Mark has worked with seriously ill individuals, instructing them in the meditative healing techniques of RTC as a powerful tool to fight illness and restore health.